Beginners Guide To E-Cigs And Vaping

So..You are looking into getting an e-cig? Maybe you want to quit smoking, or maybe you just think vaping is cool and want to try it out. Either way, there are few things you should learn before buying your first vape. I’ve been vaping for a little over a year now, and have learned a lot along the way. I would like to share a few things I learned with you guys, to help you out, and maybe even prevent you from making some of the same mistakes I made. Don’t worry, I will keep it short and sweet.

Topics To Cover:

1: What is Vaping?
2: Parts of a Vaporizer
3: Choosing Your First Vape
4. E-Juice

What is Vaping?

So you may be wondering, what exactly is vaping? In a nutshell, Vaping is basically the ability to smoke without actually using combustion to set something aflame. Generally speaking, Vaporizers use some kind of heating element to heat a material hot enough to produce vapor, without actually setting it on fire. This is important because you are not inhaling anything that is a byproduct of fire itself. For example, it has been reported that cigarettes have over 4000 chemicals in them, 60+ of which are cancers causing agents. Now, lets take an E-cig, There are only 4 chemicals that can be considered harmful and all derive from the nicotine that has been added to the E-juice. These numbers alone should give you an idea of the health benefits over vaping rather than smoking.There is some good info on the chemicals found between Cigarettes vs E-Cigs here.

Parts of a Vaporizer

When buying your first E-cig there are tons of options, and it gets pretty confusing when you are beginning. But in reality, E-cigs are Very simple so I’ll try and break it down for you. E-cigs consist of basically 3 different parts. There is the Battery/Mod, The tank and the coil head/Atomizer.


Chances are if you have already tried vaping or seen someone vaping they started with something like this.

These are the most simple of e-cigs and are made to be less complicated for users, but there are also the “Big Boy” Mods. Something more like this.

This is a Variable Voltage Mod Called a Zmax, This is my personal Mod. It allows you to change the power output to your Atomizer. These are more expensive as you may imagine, but they will last you for a lot longer than something like a Blue cig or Ego-c.

In short, the battery/mod is used to put power to your Coil head and heat the element within. Simple right?

Tank/E-juice Reservoir

This is a pretty simple piece, it is what it says it is it simply holds e-juice as well as your coil head(heating element).

A standard tank looks something like this.

There are many different variations but all house basically the same parts and function in the same way.

Coil Head/Atomizer

This is arguably the most important part of your system, now don’t get me wrong, your set up won’t work without any of the pieces. This, however, is the heating element and what makes the actual vapor. Also, this is the part you will have to replace most often(aside from the filling of your e-juice)

the coil head contains the Wick and Heating element in your system; And can cause a burnt taste when it gets old(they are simple to replace).

Your typical coil head looks something like this.

The coil is made from Kanthel wire and can’t be seen in this picture but is wrapped around the Silica wick you see coming off of the coil head.

This is what the actual coil looks like wrapped around the wick.

Choosing Your First Vape

So, you are looking for your first vape? What should you choose? There are many options out there so how are you to decide? Well here are a few tips that I’ve learned by multiple types of e-cigs.

First, decide how durable you want your e-cig to be. I can tell you right now I’ve broken at least a few E-cigs in my time and now iv purchased a stainless steel Zmax Mod(which I highly recommend). But if you are beginning and don’t even know if you like vaping you may want something a bit cheaper.

I know some people like the feel of E-cigs such as V2 Vapes, they look like cigarettes are light and are more user-friendly. If you want to go with these, I highly suggest this company as its the best I have found.

I personally started with the Ego-c Starter Kit. I Also bought one of these for my lady, unfortunately, we broke all 4 batteries it came with(not very durable) in a matter of months. I do not suggest getting these. But here is a look at them.

If you know you like Vaping already, I do suggest spending a few extra dollars, to get something that is going to last you a long time, saving you money in the end. A Variable Voltage Mod is your best bet, I personally suggest the zmax series. And always, get stainless steel, it’s heavier but so durable.


There is not a lot to say about e-juice. it is made from either VG(vegetable glycerin) or Pg(propylene glycol) or a mix of the 2. Vg is going to deliver a bigger Vape cloud and Pg is going to give you a bigger throat hit. I mix my own flavors and personally like 60-70% pg and 30-40% Vg. Also, note Vg is much thicker than Pg.

The last thing ill say about E-juice is GET CINNAMON ROLL FLAVOR it’s delicious.